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Ryukyu glass is one of the traditional crafts rooted in the culture and nature of Okinawa.
Appreciating the history built by our predecessors and carefully carrying on the manufacturing process, Glass Art Ai aims to create new designs, innovative textures, and beautiful forms that have never been seen before, striving to create works that combine excellent artistry and functionality.
We promote the important theme of "capturing the transparent Okinawan landscape in glass."

琉球玻璃為沖繩傳統工藝之一,Glass Art Ai繼承了琉球玻璃的傳統製法並融合了嶄新的創意與不同質感的探索與使用,期許吹製出具藝術性與機能性兼備的琉球玻璃作品。「用透明的玻璃紀錄下沖繩的人文風情」是我們的核心創作理念。


Made with "ai" (meaning both "love" and "indigo" in Japanese) from our studio in the Yanbaru forest

Glass Art Ai's studio is located at the foot of the Yanbaru Forest.
Okinawa is an island filled with energy, and the entire island feels like a spiritual power spot. Yanbaru can be considered as the heart of the island. Okinawan sea also appears as beautiful as it is thanks to Yanbaru’s deep forest. That is why we have chosen to create our work here. The Glass Art Ai studio is the perfect place to feel the massive energy of Okinawa's nature and capture it in glass.
We first create a clear image of the finished product based on the scenery of Okinawa that inspires us. Then we create a number of prototypes, and our team exchanges opinions and works together to achieve that image in terms of materials, form, color, and design through repeated trial and error.
It is our hope that these vessels which capture the nature of Okinawa will be seen by people all over the world and make them want to visit Okinawa. This is also Glass Art Ai’s way of giving back to Okinawa, which has been nurtured by the history of Ryukyu glass.