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Glass Art Ai (hereinafter, the studio) has established the following basic policy regarding the protection of personal information, and works to ensure that all users can use our services with peace of mind.

Glass Art Ai(本工房)非常重視每一位客戶的隱私權及個人資料保護,對於客戶個人資料的蒐集、處理、利用,都將遵循下列所擬定規則,建議您務必閱讀本聲明,以確保及維護您的權益。

Purpose of use of personal information

Your personal information is used primarily for the following purposes.

Collection of personal information

Personal information obtained through this website is collected and stored safely and responsibly, and will not be transferred or provided to any third party without the prior consent of the user.
However, in the event of a legal request for disclosure, we may disclose the minimum necessary information without the prior consent of the user.



This site collects and refers to the data from user cookies. Cookies are not used to collect any personal information.

本網站會收集並引用您的 cookie 信息。 並不會收集您的個人資料。

Collection of access logs
關於access log

This site may collect hardware and software information about your computer. This information may include IP address, browser type, domain name, access times, and referring website URLs.
This information is used by the site as general statistical information for research and analysis of usage trends, etc., and does not identify any individual users.


Privacy Policy changes and notification

The site may change the contents of its Privacy Policy without prior notice in accordance with changes in laws and regulations or changes in management policies. As we do not notify users of such changes, please refer to the latest contents of this page when using the site.